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Caring For Your HVAC System During Winter Weather

winter weatherIt’s been a rough couple of weeks in the midstate.  Just when we think we’re getting a glimpse of spring, Mother Nature dumps a couple of inches of this wet white stuff on us.  Then, when we start to get excited that we may have a decent winter storm on our hands, it clears up and the temps climb.  Our thermostats inside our home are stuck in a constant cycle of ups and downs, but even more concerning is what is going on outside.  There are specific ways in which you need to care for your HVAC system during winter weather.

While your outdoor unit may seem to be pretty resilient, there are precautions that need to be taken in the case of inclement weather.  If you’d like to keep that outdoor unit functioning, you’re going to want to follow these simple steps.

  • Clear Debris – During winter storms, the wind kicks up quite a bit and can cause minor branches and twigs to fall into and around your system. Clear them as soon as possible so that they do not get caught in the fan mechanism and do further damage.
  • Ice Accumulation – Don’t allow ice to accumulate too much on your outdoor unit. If you notice that it is building up on the top of the unit, do your best to clear it from the top and sides.  Do NOT use hot water in an attempt to rapidly melt the ice.
  • Shovel – As soon as snow reaches the bottom of your unit, start shoveling. Keep the place surrounding your HVAC system clear so that air is able to fully circulate and you’re system is protected from damage.  Clear snow from the top of the unit as well.   For larger storms, keep an eye out for heavy accumulation.
  • Filters – Since you’re likely going to be stuck inside for a little while, take the time to replace your filter. It will help with air quality inside the home and keep all the dust and grime outside the house, where it belongs.

In order to keep your system functioning at maximum capacity, you’ll want to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule.  Contact us today to make an appointment!

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