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Winding Down the AC for the Year

air conditioner Mechanicsburg PAFor the lovers of summer’s kiss of heat, it’s getting close to the time where we buckle down and brace ourselves for cooler temperatures.  For the health of your furnace and AC unit, there are some precautions that must be taken in order to keep your system functioning at top performance until next summer.  A few simple steps can ensure that there will be no issues at the beginning of the sweaty season next year.

  1. Change the Filter – Before shutting down the AC for the summer, and before you think about turning the heat on, change the filter. Your system has been collecting airborne summer for three months, including dust, pollen, and various other particles that you don’t want clogging up the works.
  2. Clean the Unit – Go outside and sweep away debris that has accumulated during the summer. All the grass clippings and tree flowers that have fallen around the outdoor unit make it difficult for the unit to function at its top performance.
  3. Consider a Cover – Ice, snow, and fall leaves can wreak havoc on your outdoor unit. If it’s at risk of being pelted with falling acorns, a cover can be beneficial.  However, make sure that the cover is made specifically for your unit, or there may be potential for damage.
  4. Remove Your Units – If you’re using window units, this is the time of year they need to be thoroughly cleaned and removed from the windows. Make sure the filters inside the units are clean and the exterior is free of dust and debris.  Also, ensure that there is little damage to the outside vents.
  5. Fix the Issues – If you’ve been postponing fixing issues with your central air system throughout the summer, now is a good time to fix them. We tend to forget about problems like these over the winter, and by the time next summer rolls around the same issues will still exist.  Get any problems taken care of now and save yourself the hassle next summer.

While it may not be high on your list of things you are anxiously awaiting, fall and winter are on their way.  Taking these simple steps will help ensure the longevity of your air conditioning system, no matter what that may be.  It’s also never too late to consider installing central air or upgrading your current unit.  We are still offering 0% financing on select units for a limited time, check out our website for more information.

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