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What’s Up with Water Heaters?

In our daily lives, we don’t always get the praise we deserve.  In those instances where we are the person behind that scenes that is supplying our supervisor with the names of the client he is meeting as they’re walking in the door.  Even something as simple as holding the same door, every day, for the same person without recognition or even a simple thanks.  The humble water heather shares the same fate, however.

In our homes, the big guns get all of the attention; the furnace, the roof, or that years-old appliance that keeps breaking down, but the water heather often sits, forgowater heatertten, in the basement or utility room.  No matter how ignored it is, the water heater is the appliance that is the reason you’re able to enjoy your showers, get your dishes clean, and wash those sheets after the kids have been spreading germs all over the house.  One could say that the water hero is the unsung hero of the household.  So how do you tell if yours may not be working properly?

A healthy and functioning water heater should possess the following attributes:

  • Silence is Golden – Your water heater shouldn’t be making much noise at all. You may hear something if you’re standing right next to it, but it should never be a loud and interruptive noise. 
  • The Golden Years – How old is your water heater? While age isn’t always a determining factor in the health of your water heater, you should know how old it is.  Is it still covered by a warranty?  Is it as efficient as it could be?  Knowing how old your water heater is can help determine if it’s ready to be replaced.
  • Don’t Trust Rust – Just like on your car, rust is bad news for water heaters. You don’t want it.  A couple specks of rust here and there doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run out and buy a new one right away, but keep a close eye on things.  Rust can be corrosive, and a corroded water heater can be bad news.
  • Dry as a Bone – There shouldn’t be leaks. There shouldn’t be a puddle around your water heater, or even a trickle.  If there is a small leak, it is best to consult a company specializing in plumbing work to determine if it can be fixed, before it turns into a large leak. 
  • No Cold Showers – If you’ve got five people in a house all trying to shower at the same time of the day, someone is going to get a cold shower, unless you’ve equipped your house to tolerate that influx of bathing. However, the first shower of the day shouldn’t be cold, or even lukewarm.  If your water heater isn’t putting out hot water, there is probably a problem existent.

There’s no need to shiver your way through a shower when we can help!  Did you know that A.C. Rimmer is also well versed in water heater repair and replacement?  Whether it’s about to fail, or if you just want to keep things in check, we can help, so contact us today.


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