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Water Treatment Systems

water treatmentWhen you buy a home, you expect to do some preventative maintenance.  You want to get the most from your investment, and ensure that it’s going to last for a long time, so most homeowners make strides to protect it. However, one part of the property is often forgotten; the water. So you bought the pitcher to filter your water, or you think that you’re unaffected because you have well water, but both of those viewpoints are going to cost you.

Water quality may seem like a negligible item on your massive homeowner’s checklist, but it isn’t.  Did you know that hard water can damage your clothing, your hair, and even the bathroom fixtures if not mitigated?  A contaminated well can allow microorganisms into your home that could make your family sick. Also, everyone knows how expensive the filters are for those pitchers and how irritating and wasteful bottled water can be. Stop flushing your money on gadgets and protect your investment.

  • Water Softening – If you’ve ever experienced the pains of hard water, you know it’s nothing to mess around with. No, it’s not going to make you sick, but it is going to affect everything in your home. From shampoo that won’t lather up right to stiff feeling freshly laundered clothing. A water softening system can remedy all of these issues, by using a special salt to filter all of the hardening minerals from the pipes, thus saving them from unnecessary wear and tear.
  • UV Filters – If you have a well on your property, and you’re using it for your family’s water supply, you need to make sure the UV filter is functioning properly. The ultraviolet rays help to break down microorganisms in your water supply that could be potentially harmful.
  • Well Pump – If your water pressure from your well is lackluster, there is a chance you may need to install a new pump. There are several different kinds of pumps for your home; but essentially they all make sure that your home is drawing the necessary amount of water, whether your water table is high or low.
  • Water Filtration – If you’re that family that keeps dumping money into bottled water or the pitchers, look no further. Did you know that you can have a water filtration system, or even a reverse osmosis system installed in your home? Both of these systems allow for purer drinking water and they almost help to reduce the strain of plastic water bottles on the environment. A whole home system can treat hard water, soft water, and remove chemicals from your water, while a reverse osmosis system guarantees drinking water of the highest quality.

If you’re having water issues, we can help! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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