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Water Treatment Products

HVAC Central PAIf you’ve got a property with a well, chances are you may have some issues with your water.  Does your water seem to leave a film on everything is comes into contact with?  Do you have inadequate water pressure?  Maybe your drinking water just doesn’t taste the greatest.  In any event, we can help.  We’ve got many different products available for the homeowner with well issues.

  1. Water Softener: Hard water causes buildup of minerals on faucets, shower heads, and even your pipes.  Over time, it can cause issues with water flow.  A water softener works by adding a special salt into your water to reduce the amount of mineral build up.
  2. UV Lighting: An ultraviolet radiation system purifies your water by destroying microorganisms so they can’t reproduce.  This process is non-chemical and will not add any irritating smells to your water.
  3. Well Pumps: A well pump allows for your well to draw water no matter what the water table is.  An above ground pump is recommended for shallow wells, while a submersible pump is better for drawing more water from a deep well.
  4. Constant Pressure Well Pumps: These pumps monitor the need for water and will either lower or raise water pressure based on the demands of your home.
  5. Whole Home Water Filtration: This systems reduces contaminants and chemical imbalances from your drinking water.  This allows for better quality water, every day!
  6. Reverse Osmosis:  This is the system bottled water companies use for their products.  This will provide your family with better tasting, purified water every single day.

If you’re in the market for any of these products or need more information, contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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