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Top Four HVAC Problems

Heating MechanicsburgHomeowners know that is simply a matter of time before something major breaks in their home.  Whether it is the water heater or a garage door, there is always something springing up for unsuspecting homeowners.  Most often, these issues revolve around the HVAC system and the many complications that may rise up from faulty furnaces.

  1. A Heat Pump That Blows Cold Air – With the crisp evenings of fall rapidly approaching, the time to turn on the heat draws ever nearer as well.  So what do you do when you’re expecting a nice cozy warm evening, but you are confronted with a barrage of cold air?  This issue could be as simple as the outdoor unit freezing because of the weather, but it could also be something as extensive as a malfunctioning system.
  2. Very Limited Hot Water – There is very few things in life as frustrating as running out of hot water in the middle of your shower.  Some reasons for running out of hot water are an easy fix like adjusting the temperature or making sure there isn’t a leak.  Other issues, however, may require a professional.
  3. Tripping Circuit Breakers – If the indoor or outdoor unit coming on is constantly tripping your circuit breakers, you can reset it as you normally do, but ignoring the problem is not advised.  Don’t just continue to reset the switch as this is usually a sign of a larger problem.  Contact a professional ASAP.
  4. Odors – If turning on your heat produces a burning odor or you’re getting a fresh waft of mildew every time you turn on the air, this is a symptom of a bigger issue.   You may just need to replace the filter in your unit, but it could also be something more serious.  Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if a foul odor is emanating from your furnace.

Any of these issues could be something serious and are worthy of a second glance.  For any issues regarding your HVAC system or water heater, please contact us!  Don’t let a small issue become an unfixable one!


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