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Time to Buy a New Furnace?

buy new furnaceWe’ve all had that car that we keep pouring money into, even though we know it is past its prime.  Each year, we begin to dread inspection because we know we will be writing a larger check than the car is actually worth.  How about that favorite pair of jeans that you keep mending and are afraid to wash for fear that they’ll fall apart in the machine?  We tend to hold onto things past the point where they’re still beneficial.  Ask yourself, are you doing the same with your furnace?

Furnaces are a big ticket item, so people tend to repair, repair, repair before actually caving in to buy a new one.  Is it possible that the constant repairs are becoming counterproductive, however, and you’re spending more on maintenance than it would cost to buy a new furnace?  Here is how you tell if your furnace needs to go!

  • Age is Key – A furnace that has had regular checkups should last between 16-20 years. If your furnace is riding that line, it may be time to consider caving. 
  • Noise – Your furnace is going to make noise, of course. It’s when the noises start to sound scary or as though the furnace itself is falling apart every time it kicks on.  When you’re turning up the TV to drown out the sound of the furnace, or if you friends are giving you strange looks when your heat turns on, it may be past its prime.
  • Higher Costs – Have your heating bills gone up? This means your furnace isn’t as efficient as it once was so it is taking more power, gas, or oil to fire up and heat the house.  At this point, wouldn’t you rather have lower bills in the long run?   It’s time.
  • Can’t Get Comfortable – If you can crank the heat to the highest temperature and you’re still chilly, your furnace has reached maximum capacity. At this point, putting the money into repairing a furnace that has grown too old wouldn’t be worth it; put that money into the cost of a new furnace.
  • Feeling Bad – Sometimes, furnaces crack as they get really old and leak potentially fatal carbon monoxide into your home. Has your family been feeling icky lately?  Are you suffering from headaches, nausea, or burning eyes?  Contact someone immediately to help, and prepare for a replacement furnace.

We know that a furnace can be an intimidating item to purchase, but we’re here to help.  We offer special financing on specific items, and are fully equipped to both install and maintain your new equipment.  Contact us today for assistance. And remember our promotion! You could win a NEW furnace! Click here for details!


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