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HVAC: Full Service for Central PA’s Needs

Pennsylvania is well known for many things; Hersheypark, the stunning Amish Country, excellent hiking locales, and some delicious Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine. However, the Central Pennsylvania region has some lesser known claims to fame that make us run in search of assistance. So what keeps Central PA famous? Well, our public water isn’t great, in fact, […]

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5 Ways to Conserve Water…and Your Wallet

While water conservation hasn’t been a concern of ours in Central Pennsylvania as of late, the dog days of summer are on their way, and with that comes the crispy, crunchy grass associated with blazing heat.  Surely, we had enough rain in April and May that we can’t imagine the idea of having to adhere […]

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Water Treatment Systems

When you buy a home, you expect to do some preventative maintenance.  You want to get the most from your investment, and ensure that it’s going to last for a long time, so most homeowners make strides to protect it. However, one part of the property is often forgotten; the water. So you bought the […]

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Maximizing the Efficiency of Your AC This Summer

Central Pennsylvania can be a fickle creature during the summer months.  We deal with blinding heat, horrifying humidity, and torrential downpours, sometimes within the same day.  However, we accept these things because we relish in the beauty of the region with its lush and abundant greenery.  We’ve learned to embrace the air conditioner as part […]

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Backflow Testing and Repair

We’ve all seen the news reports about contaminated drinking water, and the horrifying stories associated with these reports. Serious health risks can accompany the presence of unpotable water, thus causing illness and prolonged complications to those who come into contact with it. Contaminated drinking water is not just a problem in underdeveloped countries, as we […]

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