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How to Tell If You Need a New Water Heater

If your heat isn’t working as efficiently, you may not notice it right away.  However, if your water heater stops working the same way it used to, it’s noticeable almost immediately.   Certainly, there are problems with the actual unit that you should be noticing, but there’s nothing that can ruin your day more than stepping […]

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Do You Need a Water Softener?

There are a lot of problems with your appliances that can crop up out of the blue.  As homeowners, it is necessary to take care of those problems as soon as they come up, if you can.  Dealing with these kind of issues often requires first diagnosing what caused the problem in the first place.  […]

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Hybrid Water Heaters

With spring in full force here in the midstate, many homeowners are bringing in the new and getting rid of the old.  With spring cleaning, we mop, sweep, and dust away all of the evidence of winter as we welcome the new season.  Spring is also a perfect time to have your old appliances serviced […]

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What’s Up with Water Heaters?

In our daily lives, we don’t always get the praise we deserve.  In those instances where we are the person behind that scenes that is supplying our supervisor with the names of the client he is meeting as they’re walking in the door.  Even something as simple as holding the same door, every day, for […]

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