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Low Humidity Can Ruin Your Home

We all know that the winter season can be treacherous and unbearable in nearly every facet of our lives, and recently we discussed the health risks of having low humidity levels in your home.  There are a great deal of health problems associated with out of whack humidity, but did you know that low humidity […]

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HVAC: Full Service for Central PA’s Needs

Pennsylvania is well known for many things; Hersheypark, the stunning Amish Country, excellent hiking locales, and some delicious Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine. However, the Central Pennsylvania region has some lesser known claims to fame that make us run in search of assistance. So what keeps Central PA famous? Well, our public water isn’t great, in fact, […]

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

With the weather growing colder by the day, homeowners are making sure their houses are sealed and protected from the chilly outdoor air. Unfortunately, in doing so, poor indoor air is being trapped inside and recirculated every time the heating system kicks on. If allergies are a concern, indoor air quality is paramount to remaining […]

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