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Cooling Maintenance and Upgrades

Spring has sprung and that means summer is right around the corner.  It’s almost time to start thinking about firing up the central air to keep your family comfortable during the hottest days of the year!  In order to ensure maximum efficiency, there are some tips and tricks to follow for your central air system. […]

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Duct Cleaning

Are stuffed up noses and itchy eyes causing a constant headache in your home?  Allergens threaten the overall comfort and health of your home.  The average 1500 square foot house has the potential to contain up to forty pounds of dust.  That’s quite a powerful allergy causing agent, taking away the enjoyment of your home […]

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Water Heater Issues

We’ve all been there; the last one in the house to get a shower.  You’re typically greeted with about a minute of lukewarm water before you’re doused in an icy stream.  If this is happening often in your house, you may need to consider updating your water heater. Like the other appliances in your house, […]

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Amana Furnaces: Don’t Be Left Out In the Cold

With the polar freeze, snow showers, and now freezing fog, winter can be a brutal season.  Are you feeling the wrath of winter inside your home?  Is your furnace functional, but costing you a boatload of money to run?  It may be time to think about a replacement! Amana has been a household name since […]

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Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer, because it is not only odorless, but tasteless and colorless as well.   Carbon monoxide may be leeching into your home from damaged or improperly ventilated heating systems.  There are simple steps to protect your family, but first, know the effects and symptoms! Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead […]

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