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The Advantages of WiFi Thermostats

The world of heating and air conditioning has certainly changed in recent years, as more options emerge and become popular.  Technology seems to be evolving everywhere as well, so why shouldn’t that translate to the way we heat and cool our homes?  With the frequency with which people are using their smartphones, it was only […]

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Awareness

The temperatures have certainly been a bit of spring teaser lately, haven’t they?  Although we’ve been experiencing weather that is akin to springtime in Pennsylvania, the winter isn’t over just yet and people are still needing to turn their heat on to get through the cold winter nights.  Gas heat is still one of the […]

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Win A Humidifier For Your Home

In past blogs, we’ve discussed the impact that low humidity can have on your life.  Not only can it damage the internal structure of your home, including your wood furniture and cabinets, but it can also be hazardous to your health to live in a home with low humidity.  If you’re one of the many […]

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Low Humidity Can Ruin Your Home

We all know that the winter season can be treacherous and unbearable in nearly every facet of our lives, and recently we discussed the health risks of having low humidity levels in your home.  There are a great deal of health problems associated with out of whack humidity, but did you know that low humidity […]

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Handling Holiday Guests Without Breaking the Bank

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, budgetary concerns are on everyone’s minds, but at the same time we want to be able to enjoy the holidays as well.  For many people, the enjoyment of the season comes from the company of family and friends.  However, this company can cause skyrocketing heating, water, and other costs, […]

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