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Air Conditioning Tips

Household budgeting is typically one of the most important things that keep your home running smoothly.  The summer months can get pricy when it comes to keeping your house cool when it’s sweltering outside.  There are ways to keep your air conditioning system as efficient as possible in order to keep electric bills lower and […]

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Reducing Humidity in Your Home

It’s almost summer in Pennsylvania, and we all know what that means; oppressive humidity.  It’s getting to be the time of year where walking outside your front door feels like you’re walking into a bowl of hot soup.  The excessive moisture in the air can often take your breath away, and ladies know the humidity […]

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Air Conditioning Options

There are different options for every system in your home.   Stores don’t have simply one stove, refrigerator, or washing machine to choose from.  You choose appliances based on your needs, and air conditioning systems are no different. Adding central air conditioning to a home that doesn’t currently have the option can be an extensive process.  […]

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Water Treatment Products

If you’ve got a property with a well, chances are you may have some issues with your water.  Does your water seem to leave a film on everything is comes into contact with?  Do you have inadequate water pressure?  Maybe your drinking water just doesn’t taste the greatest.  In any event, we can help.  We’ve […]

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Get a Handle on Spring Allergies from the Inside

Most allergy sufferers in the Central Pennsylvania region spend the majority of spring in absolute misery.  With lovely cool breezes and sunshine, spring in the region makes for the perfect time to open windows and let the fresh air in.  Unfortunately, with the fresh air comes the pollen and other allergens making an idea to […]

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