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Go Geo(thermal)!

Here in Pennsylvania, we’re currently experiencing three different seasons in one week.  We just saw snow on Saturday, Monday was spring, and the forecast says summer temps are on their way.  What gives?  It’s been a horrible week for our thermostats, hasn’t it?  The fluctuation of our interior temperatures doesn’t do much for our wallets […]

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Geothermal Heat: What You Need to Know

Certainly, there are many options for cooling and heating your home; there are gas furnaces, heat pumps, solar energy, and geothermal. If you’re looking for a solution that is economical and earth friendly, geothermal is the way to go for home heating, as it has incredibly low emissions of greenhouse gases and the extraction process […]

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Central PA: FREE Furnace Safety Check-Up

Don’t allow your home to be poisoned with harmful carbon monoxide! The steps to take to prevent this deadly chemical are simple and we can show you how.   Every furnace needs to be inspected regardless of the lengths you take to maintain your furnace at home.  Our Free Furnace Safety and Readiness Check Up […]

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Heating System Maintenance

The top two things people want from their heating system is for it to:  work well  cost little in maintenance  Fortunately, you’ve got ultimate control over these issues!  With simple routine maintenance, you can easily optimize your heating potential. Whether you have a heat pump, gas furnace, oil furnace, a boiler, or even a radiant […]

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Common Heating System Issues

Is your heating system forcing you to use blankets to keep warm?  If you’ve answered yes to this question, chances are that you’re experiencing some of the common problems associated with malfunctioning heating systems.  Below are the five most common issues associated with your heat. Dirty Filters – Is your filter causing you to freeze?  […]

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