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Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

The meteorologists on the news are warning the people of Central Pennsylvania of the forthcoming colder temperatures.  We’ve felt the bite in the air in the mornings as we trudge to our cars, accepting the fate of slipping into a freezing seat and having to wait for the windows to defrost before we leave for […]

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Replacing Your Heating System

It’s getting chillier around the mid-state, especially at night, but many homeowners are reluctant to switch their heating systems on for the year.  For many of these people, the decision to turn on the heat for the chillier months weighs heavily because of the cost associated with doing so.  If your heating system is older, […]

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Humidifier Installation: What to Consider

While we like to complain about humidity levels during the summer months, the moisture in the air is actually a good thing when controlled inside your home.  There are a great deal of ailments and issues associated with poorly controlled environments, including bloody noses, scratchy throats, and dry skin.  However, you don’t have to live […]

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The Importance of Duct Cleaning

In Pennsylvania, we have two serious allergy seasons. The first is, of course, the spring. The new growth outside allows for an influx of pollen to invade our homes. The second, less obviously, is the fall. When the leaves start to turn, the weather gets damp and allergens start to make their way into our […]

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Preparing Your Furnace For Fall

There has been a noticeable drop in the temperatures in the mid-state lately, and September 22 is right around the corner.  This means only one thing to those of who wait for the whole year to see the signals of its arrival again; autumn weather.  While we’re preparing to enjoy the beauty of nature, we […]

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