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Common Heating System Issues

Is your heating system forcing you to use blankets to keep warm?  If you’ve answered yes to this question, chances are that you’re experiencing some of the common problems associated with malfunctioning heating systems.  Below are the five most common issues associated with your heat. Dirty Filters – Is your filter causing you to freeze?  […]

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Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Systems

It’s undeniable.  It’s time to start thinking about tax season.  Everyone knows April 15 is the date by which we have to file our tax returns.  What you may not know is that you may be eligible for certain tax credits if you’ve made the effort to make your home more energy efficient.  Have you […]

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Keeping Energy Costs Down in the Winter

If you’ve survived a Central Pennsylvania winter, you already know that energy costs can rise to unimaginable levels during the cold snaps that sweep through the area. Energy costs are an expense that is unavoidable if we plan to survive the bitter cold nights of winter.

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