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Winding Down the AC for the Year

For the lovers of summer’s kiss of heat, it’s getting close to the time where we buckle down and brace ourselves for cooler temperatures.  For the health of your furnace and AC unit, there are some precautions that must be taken in order to keep your system functioning at top performance until next summer.  A […]

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Air Conditioning Addicts?

Over the past week, temperatures in the mid-state hit an all-summer high (so far), and the humidity was dreadful as well.  Oddly enough, our soar in temperatures has produced a bit of a squabble between Europe and America, calling our country “daft” due to our outright obsession with air conditioning.  While temperatures were similar in […]

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How Your Pet Affects Your HVAC System

Pets are meant for companionship, teaching children about the responsibility of owning animals, and basically because they’re fun and enhance the times of family togetherness.  However, the family dog may be gumming up the works when it comes to your HVAC system, and thus allowing it work less efficiently or even make your family sick.  […]

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Common Cooling Misconceptions

This may sound scary, but the hottest days of summer are yet to come.  Chances are, if your AC isn’t working properly, you have been offered a hundred and one different pieces of advice about cooling your home.  However, most of the little tidbits of wisdom you’re getting are common misconceptions and could actually make […]

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Air Conditioning Maximization Tips

In our past couple of blogs, we’ve emphasized our strengths with installing new air conditioning units in your home, achieving balance with your thermostat, and a checklist of items to remember before turning your unit on for the season.  We’re continuing our air conditioning education series now by offering some tricks and tips on maximizing […]

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