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Maximizing the Efficiency of Your AC This Summer

Central Pennsylvania can be a fickle creature during the summer months.  We deal with blinding heat, horrifying humidity, and torrential downpours, sometimes within the same day.  However, we accept these things because we relish in the beauty of the region with its lush and abundant greenery.  We’ve learned to embrace the air conditioner as part […]

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Backflow Testing and Repair

We’ve all seen the news reports about contaminated drinking water, and the horrifying stories associated with these reports. Serious health risks can accompany the presence of unpotable water, thus causing illness and prolonged complications to those who come into contact with it. Contaminated drinking water is not just a problem in underdeveloped countries, as we […]

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HVAC Replacements in the Central PA Region

We’ve been busy at A.C. Rimmer!  In the last blog, we shared some recently completed HVAC work around the mid-state. We would like to share a few more before/after pictures of our work – an oil furnace with humidifier, an electric furnace and heat pump and a new hybrid system. At A.C. Rimmer, we value […]

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HVAC: Before & After

Yes, it is spring, and HVAC units around the mid-state are going to be hard at work before you know it! If you get your heating & cooling system checked out annually, there’s a good chance that it will extend its life and give you years of home comfort. However, like all things man-made, it […]

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Preparing Your HVAC System for Spring

By the fine green mist that’s settled on nearly everything, it’s easy to tell that Spring has sprung in Pennsylvania.  We’ve had some high temperatures recently, but warmer weather is just around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare your air conditioning system to be turned on and run all summer long.  So what […]

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