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Go Geo(thermal)!

Here in Pennsylvania, we’re currently experiencing three different seasons in one week.  We just saw snow on Saturday, Monday was spring, and the forecast says summer temps are on their way.  What gives?  It’s been a horrible week for our thermostats, hasn’t it?  The fluctuation of our interior temperatures doesn’t do much for our wallets […]

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Caring For Your HVAC System During Winter Weather

It’s been a rough couple of weeks in the midstate.  Just when we think we’re getting a glimpse of spring, Mother Nature dumps a couple of inches of this wet white stuff on us.  Then, when we start to get excited that we may have a decent winter storm on our hands, it clears up […]

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Signs You Need a Water Softener

In this cold and wet weather, there is no better feeling than standing under the vigorous and heated spray of your shower.  Getting a shower should be a relaxing and cleansing experience, and in most houses it is.  However, if you’ve been noticing some things that are making it less of a pleasure and more […]

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What You Need to Know About Backflow Testing

We’re not supposed to drink the water in certain countries, we already know that, but did you know you can encounter unpotable water in your own backyard?  Backflow is a term used in the plumbing field to describe what happens when the flow of water reverses in the pipes. This can lead to untreated and […]

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Prepare for Winter Weather

Pennsylvania weather can be unpredictable as evidenced by the massive fluctuation in temperatures over the past couple of weeks.  However, nothing is more unpredictable than the snowfall in this fine state of ours.  We saw our first snowfall early this year, but there is no telling what is to come for the rest of the […]

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