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Summer Energy Tips

HVAC Central PAWith the temperatures rising, we are always looking for innovative ways to keep cool and still manage to keep our costs down.  When it comes to saving energy in the summer months, we’ve compiled a list of four simple tips to aid in your money saving tactics.

  1. Installing and Using Ceiling Fans – Constant use of a ceiling fan can allow you to raise the thermostat temperature by close to five degrees.  Adding an additional five degrees to your internal temperature can certainly add up to a considerable savings.
  2. Windows – If you live in a location where it gets cool at night, shut down your AC system and open the windows.  While this is not recommended for heavily pollenated areas, using the fresh, cool, night air can assist in lowering energy bills.
  3. Lower the Temperature of Your Water Heater – With the temperature outside being hotter, cooler baths and showers are in high demand.  Lowering the temperature on your water heater for the summer can exponentially decrease your energy bills.
  4. Maintenance – As always, ensuring that your outdoor and indoor units are running efficiently can drastically reduce the amount of money you’re spending to cool your home.  Remember, only an HVAC professional can completely inspect your system.

For assistance with replacement or inspection of your air conditioning unit, contact us!

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