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Signs You Need a Water Softener

Water SoftenerIn this cold and wet weather, there is no better feeling than standing under the vigorous and heated spray of your shower.  Getting a shower should be a relaxing and cleansing experience, and in most houses it is.  However, if you’ve been noticing some things that are making it less of a pleasure and more of a pain, it could be because you’ve got hard water.  Here are five signs you need a water softener in your home!

  1. Higher Bills – Hard water wreaks havoc on the pipes in your home as it creates deposits along the sides, narrowing the openings. As hard water builds up in your pipes, the water has to work that much harder to get through.  As a result, your water bills are going to rise. 
  2. Dry Skin and Hair – If your skin has taken on a scaly appearance, it may not be because of how cold it’s been outside or how much you moisturize. Your water may be working against you.  Hard water causes excess minerals to build up in your water and these minerals, like calcium, comes to rest on your skin. 
  3. Scale Spots – Hard water causes build-up in your pipes and as a result the minerals pass through, causing spots on your appliances and plumbing fixtures. If you’ve noticed a chalky looking build-up on your coffee carafe or the faucet heads, you likely have hard water.
  4. Crusty Sinks and Tubs – Due to the minerals, hard water leaves behind some horrible stains on your showers and sinks. If you’ve been noticing crusty, dusty, white stains on the sides of your bathtub, they’re probably caused by hard water.
  5. Stiff and Faded Clothes – All of those minerals coming through your water aren’t exactly soft and fluffy, hence the term hard water, so expecting the usual fluffiness of freshly laundered clothes is going to cause some disappointment. If your clothes have faded faster than normal and your towels just don’t feel the way they used to, it may be time to look into a water softener.

If you have one or more of the aforementioned issues, then we want to help!  Contact us today to check and see if you have hard water!

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