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Water Treatment

Providing Water Treatment Services to your Home or Business

A.C. Rimmer provides a variety of water treatment services, including water softeners, well pumps and UV lighting. Contact Us today for more information.

Water Softeners

Water SoftenersHard water is caused when there is a high concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Over time, it can build up deposits in shower heads, coffee makers, sinks and pipes.  Water softeners can help by dissolving special salt into your tap water. That salt will help remove minerals from your water and save your plumbing and appliances from the extra wear and tear of hard water.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lighting

Ultraviolet (UV) LightingUV radiation systems are a great way to help sterilize and disinfect your well water. This non-chemical process destroys microorganisms by altering their genetics, leaving them unable to reproduce. Advantages of UV systems include the absence of toxic byproducts, no storage of hazardous chemicals is needed and they do not add any smells to your water.

Whole Home Water Filtration

Whole Home Water FiltrationA whole home water filtration system can help reduce contaminants, particulate matter and chemical imbalances in your drinking water. They can also tackle problems like hard water and removal of bad tastes or smells. Filtration can ensure that you have access to cleaner, fresher water from every faucet in your home.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse OsmosisReverse osmosis is a process that is used to reduce the impurities in your water. In fact, it’s the same process used by bottled water companies in order to purify drinking water. In your home, reverse osmosis can bring your family great tasting, purified water.

Chemical Feeders

Chemical FeedersChemical Feeders are generally installed with private wells and can help to treat various water issues. Solutions can be added to neutralize acidic water or to control substances such as iron, manganese or soda ash.