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Reducing Humidity in Your Home

HVAC Central PAIt’s almost summer in Pennsylvania, and we all know what that means; oppressive humidity.  It’s getting to be the time of year where walking outside your front door feels like you’re walking into a bowl of hot soup.  The excessive moisture in the air can often take your breath away, and ladies know the humidity can ruin a good hair day in seconds.  Did you know that humidity can infiltrate your home as well and cause health problems and property damage?  Here are three ways to control the humidity in your home!

  1. Install an air conditioning system in your home:  If you’re still living without air conditioning or are struggling to keep window units cost effective, you may have excess humidity inside your home.  While opening the windows seems to be the go-to response for rising heat indoors, this solution can cause moisture to creep into your home causing molds and bacteria to grow.  We all know the health risks associated with mold, so even if it is not in your budget to install central air, make sure your window units are properly installed and functioning well.
  2. Dehumidifiers:  This gets confusing for some people, because when we’re sick in the winter, humidifiers are all the rage.  A dehumidifier, however, can effectively reduce the moisture in your home that can lead to congestion and breathing problems.  If your humidity levels inside your home are higher than 60%, you should consider adding a dehumidifier into your home’s appliance repertoire.
  3. Inspect your home:  A leaking roof or old non-insulated windows can be allowing the good air to leach out of your home and the humidity to creep in.  Make sure all door seals are airtight and there are no cracks in your foundation.  Warm, wet air can allow for the growth of all sorts of mold spores that can cause severe damage to both you and your property.  Ensuring that no air is getting inside your home is the best way to maintain a humidity free environment.

If you’re having humidity issues inside your home or just want to check out how cool you COULD be this summer, contact us

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