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Prepping Your System for the Winter

Prepping for winterThe temperature has already started to dip below the level to which we’re comfortable and most of us have already turned on the heat in our homes.  However, many homeowners haven’t taken the proper precautions before pumping up the heat in our homes.  Here are some tips for prepping your system for the winter before we head into full time heating.

  • Filter – That’s right, it’s time to change the filter again. As we get into the cold and flu season, a clean filter is very important.  Allergens and dirt from outside tends to build up on our current filter and can exacerbate colds and lead to sinus issues. 
  • Clean Outside – If you haven’t kept up with the outside unit of your HVAC system, use this time to do so. Sweep up all of the leaves and debris that have built up under the unit during the fall.  If there are small sticks or twigs that have made their way into the top vent of the unit, clean those up as well.  It is imperative for the functioning of the system.
  • Find Your Setting – If your heating bills are getting expensive, find the setting at which the majority of your family is comfortable and keep it at that setting. Keep in mind that blankets and layers are also available to the members of the family who are cold.  
  • Seal Your Cracks – If there is cold seeping in through the cracks around your windows and doors, seal them. You may not notice how much of your heat is leaking through those cracks, but it’s significant.  Using some caulk, you can stop the loss of heat and save some money.
  • Inspection – If you haven’t turned on the heat just yet, it’s time for an inspection. There can be a lot of issues associated with broken or malfunctioning furnaces, so call a professional to give it a quick look. 

If you’ve considered upgrading your system, or even if you just need an inspection, now is the time.  Contact us today!



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