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Maximizing the Efficiency of Your AC This Summer


Central Pennsylvania can be a fickle creature during the summer months.  We deal with blinding heat, horrifying humidity, and torrential downpours, sometimes within the same day.  However, we accept these things because we relish in the beauty of the region with its lush and abundant greenery.  We’ve learned to embrace the air conditioner as part of summer rituals, but we don’t have to accept the noticeable rise in our electricity costs as a result of our comfort. 

It doesn’t have to be a power struggle between our coolness and our wallets, however, with these tips and tricks for making your air conditioning a little bit more efficient during the summer months.

  • Filter Swap – The first thing to do to make your air conditioner run more efficiently is to treat it to a brand new filter. The spring months can allow a bevy of allergens into your home, and a lot of them are caught in the filter you’ve been using.  A clean filter allows the air conditioning to run more cost effectively, because it’s not fighting three months’ worth of dirt and grime.
  • Programmable Thermostat – If you’re still fighting a battle with the original thermostat in your home, consider swapping it out for a programmable one. For a minimal expense, homeowners can upgrade to a thermostat that allows them to raise the temperature during the day when the house is empty, but ease it back down to ensure maximum comfort by the time they arrive home from work.
  • Duct Leaks – Before going head on into the summer months, have your duct work checked out. If there are leaks, you’re wasting money trying to power the AC enough to get past the gaps.  An estimated 20% of air can be lost through leaky ducts, and your air conditioning will be working that much harder, thus costing more to run.  Hire a professional to come inspect the ducts before you notice the rise in your energy costs.
  • Clean it Up – Not only do you need to make sure the coils are clean, but you’ve also got to make sure the outdoor unit is clean as well. Certainly you’ve cleared away the debris that accumulated over the winter, but make sure nothing else has made its way under or around the outside unit. Debris can cause the outdoor unit to operate less efficiently. 
  • Consider Replacement – If your system is old, it’s probably getting pretty tired and it won’t work to its full potential without costing you a boatload of money to operate. There is a plethora of highly efficient options for new central air units these days that can drastically cut your bills, thus paying for themselves in the long run.   You could also consider other green heating and cooling options, such as geothermal if you’re weighing your options.  For those people willing to make the switch to geothermal before the end of the year, they can benefit from a healthy tax credit.

If you’re looking to lower costs for your AC this summer, we can help with all of your inspection and installation needs.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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