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Improving Air Quality Inside Your Home

Air QualityIn the Pennsylvania area, there is usually little relief from the onslaught of allergy season.  We suffer and sneeze our way through the springs months as we go about our day to day lives, foggy headed and lethargic.  We expect such air quality outside of our homes, but most of us don’t realize that we’re allowing a great deal of the offending objects inside as well.  The first step to eliminating the symptoms of allergies is improving the air quality inside your home.

Allergies and sinus reactions are often caused by pollutants outdoors.  We drag them inside on our shoes, clothing, in our hair, and on our pets.  However, they can also come from our stoves, our pets themselves, and from tobacco use inside the house.  Essentially, nearly every home is a virtual smorgasbord of allergens, but there’s help!

An air cleaner is a product that has increased in popularity dramatically over the past couple years as the allergy seasons seem to be getting worse.  The installation of one of these systems into your home can improve not only the air you’re breathing indoors, but also your quality of life as you will no longer be bogged down by the rigors of allergy attacks when you’re sitting in your living room.

Here’s what an air cleaner can do:

  • Eliminate Some Odors – An air cleaner has the ability to take some household odors out of your home. While this doesn’t give you the freedom to abandon all of your household duties, it can lighten the load slightly.
  • Capture Dust Mite Fragments – It won’t eliminate dust mites entirely, but an air cleaner will dramatically help with this particular scourge by eliminating the fragments in the air.
  • Help With Allergies – They’re not going to remove the threat of allergies entirely, but they will help. Allergy issues are caused by pollutants in the air, and installing an air purifier can help remove some of them.
  • Assist Asthma Sufferers – If you’re an asthma sufferer then you know the struggle of allergy season, but good news! An air cleaner, when added to your home, can help take some of the pressure off your breathing by filtering some of the more harmful particles out of the interior air.

If you’re concerned about the air quality of your home, contact us.  We want to help improve your living conditions with clean air.

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