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HVAC: Full Service for Central PA’s Needs

HVACPennsylvania is well known for many things; Hersheypark, the stunning Amish Country, excellent hiking locales, and some delicious Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine. However, the Central Pennsylvania region has some lesser known claims to fame that make us run in search of assistance. So what keeps Central PA famous? Well, our public water isn’t great, in fact, it’s almost impotable. Second, we’ve got one of the worst areas for allergy sufferers as our pollen counts and air quality are off the charts for allergens.
The poor water quality in the area leads a great deal of people to turn to the ever-expensive option of purchasing bottled water or monthly replacements of pitcher filters. In the process of keeping their family in drinking water, they’re often spending a lot more money than necessary. Most people don’t realize that there are permanent solutions to less than stellar drinking water. We can offer whole home filtration or reverse osmosis systems to assist in transporting cleaner and tastier water into your home.
We can’t really do anything about the air quality outside your home, so we’re not going to be able to prevent your allergy attacks while you’re outside. However, we can help the air inside your house. With proper furnace maintenance, duct cleaning, and air quality services, we can make sure that you’re breathing in the least amount of pollen and other allergens possible.
Did you know that 1500 square feet of space can generate 40 pounds of dust per year? Scary thought, right? Scary, but true. However, there are ways you, yourself, can mitigate the effects of poor air quality in your home, and there are ways that we can help. First, you can replace your filters every three months, which will drastically improve the air encompassing your home. We can also come out and complete a duct cleaning process that can sanitize your ductwork in order to improve what your family is breathing in.
If you’re affected by either one of these common Central Pennsylvania issues, don’t hesitate to call us. We want to help, so contact us today!

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