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How A Humidifier Can Help In the Fall

HumidifierFall is quickly approaching, in fact it is less than two weeks away.  While most people are rejoicing what is easily the prettiest season in the mid-state, very few are thinking about the effects of the season on their home.  One thing we’re all rejoicing is the reduction of the oppressive humidity that makes the Central Pennsylvania air feel like soup, but in some ways humidity can be beneficial.  Here is how a whole home humidifier can help in the fall.

  • Reduction of Allergens – As the leaves start to fall, it stirs up pollen in the air and can aggravate allergy symptoms during this season. Adding humidity into the air of your home can help to reduce these symptoms to a more bearable level.  The humidity helps your lungs and bronchial passages and can aid breathing when your symptoms rage out of control.
  • Skin Benefits – As any native Pennsylvanian can tell you, the reduction of temperatures and the brisk air can have a negative impact on your skin, hair, and nails by drying everything out. Ever notice that these problems don’t really exist when you’re exposing yourself to the humidity outside?  By adding a whole house humidifier system you’re allowing yourself all the benefits of a summer day without the horrific heat and bugs.
  • Cold Protection – When the outside temperatures are fluctuating up and down like a yo-yo, we’re more inclined to turn on the heat inside the house. Well, with heat comes the chance for germs to breed and multiply thus increasing your chances of catching an autumn cold or virus.  Humidity can actually help with that situation, and if you do get sick, they can also help ease your symptoms.
  • House Healthy – A home without humidity is a home destined for disrepair. A lack of humidity can make wooden objects warp or crack thus reducing the value of your home.  It can also warp door frames and wooden windows creating cracks through which energy is lost. 

Keep your home healthy, as well as yourself with a whole home humidifier system.  They require very little human interaction and the benefits are numerous.  Contact us today to schedule an installation.

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