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How Your Pet Affects Your HVAC System

air conditioner Mechanicsburg PAPets are meant for companionship, teaching children about the responsibility of owning animals, and basically because they’re fun and enhance the times of family togetherness.  However, the family dog may be gumming up the works when it comes to your HVAC system, and thus allowing it work less efficiently or even make your family sick.  No worries though, you don’t need to put little Frisky or Fido up for adoption, just follow these tips to maintain an allergen free home.

  1. Replace your Filters – We may sound like we’re harping on this tip a little, because we talk about it a lot, but we can’t begin to stress the importance of a fresh filter, every couple months. When you add a pet into the mix, replacing the filter becomes imperative as their hair tends to clog things up.
  2. Use an Allergy Filter – This won’t work magic by removing every allergen from your home, but it will catch smaller particles than the typical filter, allowing the room to be just a little bit cleaner than others. Oddly enough, the dander affects the animals too.
  3. Clean It Up – Regular cleaning and vacuuming stirs up the air in the house, but it will also help to reduce the amount of dander in the air that is getting sucked into the HVAC system and causing it to not work as efficiently. So break out the vacuum and have a cat hair removal party!
  4. Protect the outside unit – If Fido is lifting his leg on the outdoor AC unit, you may want to consider closing it off so he can’t get back there. Fido’s “output” can corrode the unit, thus dramatically reducing the longevity.
  5. Duct Cleaning – Duct cleaning is a good option for a family with pets, as we can get in there and clean all of the dust, dirt, and build-up that is unseen during our everyday activities. This service should be performed by a specialist for the best results and your added safety. 

Should you need assistance with any of these services, please contact us today.  We’d love to help.

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