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Heating System Maintenance

Heat Pumps HarrisburgThe top two things people want from their heating system is for it to:

  •  work well
  •  cost little in maintenance 

Fortunately, you’ve got ultimate control over these issues!  With simple routine maintenance, you can easily optimize your heating potential. Whether you have a heat pump, gas furnace, oil furnace, a boiler, or even a radiant heating system, the upkeep can be maintenance with a few simple steps.  

Heat pumps.  Be certain to replace the filters once a month, especially if you’ve got animals in the home.  If there are dead leaves or weeds growing around the outdoor unit, be sure to remove them.  Another quick fix is to run a duster over the vents inside your home whenever you clean.  The only other step is to have a service technician come take a look at your heat pump every year.  This will save you money and produce better results.

Gas furnaces. First, always ensure that gas is not leaking from your furnace.  Second, be certain to check valves, belts, and the pilot light.  Like heat pumps, gas furnaces require a good cleaning and filter replacement every so often.  As always, call a service person if you feel any of these items are too in depth and be sure to shut the system down at the end of winter.

Oil furnaces. While these are the trickiest of the bunch, you can institute small measures that will go a long way. Check the blower, keep it clean, and lubricate the blower motor.  Also, clean your thermostat at the beginning of the cold season.   In order to ensure proper functioning; your best bet is to call your service specialist. 

Boilers. If you’ve got a boiler, primary maintenance should be left to a professional.  If you’d like to be more involved with maintenance, you can ask your service person for some tips that are easily applied by the homeowner.   The user manual can also give you some direction for quick fixes if you are a do-it-yourself type.

Radiant heating systems. Some radiant heating systems claim to be maintenance free, but that isn’t entirely true.  They do, however, require much less problem solving than normal heating systems.  Checking the pumps, valves, connections, and water pressure are the best ways to keep your radiant heating system at its peak performance. 

For maintenance on any of these heating systems, we can help!  Contact us today to make an appointment!



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