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Get a Handle on Spring Allergies from the Inside

HVAC Central PAMost allergy sufferers in the Central Pennsylvania region spend the majority of spring in absolute misery.  With lovely cool breezes and sunshine, spring in the region makes for the perfect time to open windows and let the fresh air in.  Unfortunately, with the fresh air comes the pollen and other allergens making an idea to air out the house a potentially painful decision.

All too often, allergy sufferers aren’t able to open windows to cool down and are thus relying solely on cooling units.  For those of you who have seen the pale green sheen of spring pollen on every still surface, you know it’s inescapable and is then filtered throughout your home.  So what can do to protect your home from allergens in terms of your HVAC system?

  1. Replace your filters.  Upgrade from a standard filter to a pleated filter and make the jump to at least a medium grade filter.  Your nose will thank you!  Not only can this simple adjustment improve your air quality but increase the function of your system as well.
  2. Consider adding a whole house filtration system added into your original ductwork.  This addition can reduce the amount of allergens, like dust and pollen, in your home by catching smaller particles that make their way through your traditional filter. An HVAC professional can
  3. Clean, and then clean some more.  That forgotten air vent in your home that is accumulating a layer of dust is not helping your allergies.  Give all of your air vents and furniture a thorough dusting, and considering upgrading to a vacuum with a HEPA filter.  Also, this may be the time to consider having the ducts cleaned in your home.

For further allergen protection in your home, please contact us!


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