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Geothermal Energy: Going Green and Getting Green in 2016

geothermal tax incentivesBy now, we’ve all heard the public outcry that we all have to lead very different lives if we want to improve the quality of life, here on earth.  Whether or not you agree with the principle of global warming, there can be no argument that there are certainly more energy efficient ways to live our lives.   It’s up to all of us to take the steps to lead a better way of life for our future generations.

One of the ways that energy experts recommend remedying the climate crisis is less dependency on fossil fuels and different uses of energy in our homes.  We’ve all heard about solar energy, we’ve seen the panels, and listened to people touting the benefits.  However, there are other options; one of which is a geothermal system.

A traditional geothermal heating and cooling system pull the air for outside and uses that air to either heat or cool your home.  By using the ground temperature and pushing it through your home, geothermal heating and cooling comes in at nearly 100% clean energy.  Besides the fact that it’s incredibly green, it is also much less expensive on a monthly basis as they use much less electricity than your typical furnace.  Since it isn’t working as hard to cool the hot air, and it is using the ground temperature, it requires a lot less energy to run.

Many people consider the energy efficiency of geothermal heating and cooling enough of an advantage but through the end of this year there is also a 30% tax credit offered towards installation of a geothermal system.  This credit was started in 2009, and has since been continued through the end of 2016, and many have benefitted already.  There is no cap on the savings, and a geothermal will typically pay for itself within five years based on savings.

If your system is getting tired, or you’re just looking for a different way of life, we can help!  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to get the geothermal process started! 

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