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Fall Maintenance

Maintenance You can almost feel it in the air; the arrival of fall is almost upon us.  The leaves are starting to curl on the trees, the air is getting crisp, and the temperatures are starting to become less oppressive and more enjoyable as the months creep forward.  When this change in seasons starts to happen, fall maintenance for your HVAC unit is of the utmost importance.  Here’s a handy checklist of what needs to be done before the season starts.

  • Clean Outside – You’ve been mowing the lawn all summer long and even if you’re collecting your clippings, errant grass has collected underneath your outdoor unit and possibly inside it. You’re going to want to ensure that all of those stray cuttings are cleared out before you turn the heat on for the fall.
  • Filters – That’s right! It’s another reminder to change your filter!  Your filter should be replaced every season at the very least, unless it’s looking dirty more frequently.  Check it out once a month, but especially make sure you’re replacing it before you switch from air to heat.
  • Tidy Up Inside – Dust your furniture and clean out all the dust bunnies that have been accumulating over the summer. Giving your home a good autumn cleaning with ensure that any stray allergens or contaminants aren’t hanging around for the new season.  All of those particles building up around the house can affect those suffering from seasonal allergies, even indoors.
  • Maintain – Call your friendly HVAC technician and schedule a maintenance appointment. While professional care isn’t required all the time, it’s a good idea when you’re going to switch from air to heat.  Your tech will come out and make sure everything is functioning as it should be, while ensuring it will perform to optimum levels for the season to come.

If you want to schedule a maintenance appointment or talk to someone about replacing your furnace, contact us today!

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