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Controlling Allergy Infiltration in your Home

HVAC MechanicsburgSix Pennsylvania cities are scattered amongst the list of 100 cities with the worst spring allergens with Harrisburg ranking as number 100.  You could say the odds are already stacked against us, but the amount of allergens inside your home is well within your control, by simply making a few modifications.

By far the simplest way to reduce the dust floating around your home is to replace the filters in your furnace frequently.  Not only will this help to reduce the amount of allergens in your home, it may also help your unit to run more efficiently. 

If you’re already replacing your filters as advised, you may want to consider a pleated filter rather than the standard filter.  The pleated filters are made to catch particles that are smaller.  Another thing to consider is upgrading the filter from the traditional low-grade filter to a medium grade filter instead.

Should both of these options fail or are simply not working the way you need them too there is another option.  An HVAC company can install a whole house air filtration system that fits inside your already existing duct work.  This product will catch much smaller particles than a traditional filter will and it filters the entire home using electrostatic filters or HEPA filters.

Unfortunately, the burden of allergens does not just affect us in the spring.  Allergies are an all year round issue and we must combat them even in the dead of winter.  One product that can truly help is a humidifier.  As a humidifier helps to put moisture back into the air, it is thus eliminating some of the allergy causing dryness in your home.

Should any of these options be a necessity in your home, A.C. Rimmer wants to help.  We are available to discuss any heating or cooling issues in your home.  Please visit our website for more information. 


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