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What To Consider About Central Air

Central AirIf you’ve been suffering through the Central Pennsylvania summers without air conditioning in your home, you know the pain of the heat and humidity.  However distant the memory of summer seems these days, we assure you, it’s on the way.  Central air is an option for many homes in the area, and with our financing programs, we can make it available for most homeowners.  However, here is what to consider about central air, before you call for an appointment.

There are pros and cons for nearly every addition to your home.  Homes with central air can relish in the many benefits, but also need to think about some things prior to installation.

  • Added Costs – Many homeowners get excited about the prospect of a consistent temperature in their homes and drive the thermostat down to get the maximum output from their unit. This is a bad idea!  Keeping your thermostat at sixty-eight degrees will increase your bills considerably.  Many people have found that seventy, or even seventy-two is a comfortable temperature for their home and will keep the bills somewhat closer to what you’re used to.
  • Duct work – In order to have central air installed in your home, there needs to be a duct work system added to the existing structure. Due to this addition, the process won’t grant you instant gratification.  Your central air may take some time to install.  You’ll also want to consider regular maintenance of this duct work to keep your system functioning properly.  If you aren’t ready for the commitment of duct work, we do offer ductless units for your convenience.

While there are certainly some potential downsides when it comes to central air, the upsides far outnumber the cons. 

  • Filtered Air – All of the allergens that come in from opening the windows are filtered through your system, thus making the air in your home unquestionably cleaner and safer to breathe.
  • No Crazy Temp Spikes – If it’s ninety degrees outside, your home can be kept at seventy-two all the time, or with a programmable thermostat you can make it happen by the time you get home from work. There’s no more waiting for the window units to cool the room off when you arrive back at the house.  There is no hoping for a cool night breeze to come through.  It’s easy to maintain the same temperature, all the time.
  • It’s a Two-Fer! – Many central air units are combined with heating as well. So if you’re ready to make the commitment, you have the option of better consistency when it comes to your heating as well.  If you’ve been dealing with expensive heating options, having your house wired for central air, there’s a better choice!
  • No More Heavy Units – Once central air is installed, it’s in the house. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about lugging heavy window units from the windows when the seasons change.  Give your back a much deserved break!

If you are on the fence about central air, jump off!  We have plenty of options for homeowners who want their home to be cooled on a regular basis, so contact us today!


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