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Common Heating System Issues

Heating IssuesIs your heating system forcing you to use blankets to keep warm?  If you’ve answered yes to this question, chances are that you’re experiencing some of the common problems associated with malfunctioning heating systems.  Below are the five most common issues associated with your heat.

Dirty Filters – Is your filter causing you to freeze?  This is a simple remedy, as it may just need to be replaced with a fresh filter.  This could easily increase the functioning of your heating unit, and have you feeling the warmth in minutes. Make sure to replace the filter monthly for maximum heating potential. 

Tricky Thermostats – Is your thermostat the culprit for the blasts of cold air in your home?  Diagnosis of this issue can be done quickly and efficiently by your HVAC specialist and correction can be a snap.  A broken or malfunctioning thermostat could be the reason you’re feeling the chill in your house, so don’t wait and get it checked out!

Minus the Maintenance – If you’ve been making excuses for not getting your heating system regularly maintained, this may be the reason for the frigid conditions.  Proper maintenance is recommended to ensure the best functionality of your system.  A routine maintenance call can diagnose any issues that may be present with your heating device, so don’t delay.

Igniter Issues/Pilot Problems – If your pilot or igniter has gone bad, it doesn’t allow the main system to provide heat to your home because the spark to trigger the main unit is not there.  A specialist is highly recommended to remedy this problem as a typical homeowner is not equipped to make these repairs.  If your system shut down suddenly, the pilot or igniter may be the glitch.

Mechanical Mishaps – The parts inside your system need to be replaced, cleaned, or repaired on occasion and one of these parts can be the reason for the snag with your heat.  Belts, bearings, and other parts need to be serviced and inspected regularly just like the main system. 

A.C. Rimmer is pleased to offer all of the above services, as well as many more, for all of your heating and cooling needs.  Contact us today for servicing to ensure you experience the best your heating system has to offer. 


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