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Common Cooling Misconceptions

air conditioner Mechanicsburg PAThis may sound scary, but the hottest days of summer are yet to come.  Chances are, if your AC isn’t working properly, you have been offered a hundred and one different pieces of advice about cooling your home.  However, most of the little tidbits of wisdom you’re getting are common misconceptions and could actually make things worse!  Whether you’re sweltering because the AC isn’t functioning properly or just because it’s hot outside, know what will work best to cool your house.

Not a Fan – An electric fan may feel great when it’s blowing on you and provide some relief on those hot summer nights, but keeping a fan plugged in and running during the day is a no-no.  Not only is it burning through electric, thus raising your bill, but it’s also just pushing hot air around the house.  A fan is good for a blast of cooler air, but it’s not going to bring the temperature down in your house.

How Low Can You Go – You can crank the temperature of your thermostat down as low as it will go, but it still isn’t going to the cool the house off any faster.  It will be frigid when it finally gets there, but this isn’t a window unit.  Cranking the temperature to the lowest possible setting isn’t going to work, so in order to maintain your wallet and keep your cool, don’t touch that dial.

Keeping it Warmer Means It Will Have to Work Harder – When you’re at work and no one is home, does it make sense to be running the air conditioning at the same level as when you’re home.  Think about it, there’s no one generating body heat, no one is cooking and driving up the temperature of the room, and no one is walking in and out the doors allowing the summer to creep in.  However, most people believe that leaving the house warmer when you’re not home means that AC unit will have to work harder to cool the house.  Not so, so buy a programmable thermostat and work out a system.  Your electric bill and your house will thank you!

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