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Common Boiler Issues

Heater repair Mechanicsburg PAThere is nothing quite as frustrating as turning on your thermostat, and the heat not coming on. With the temperatures rapidly plunging outside, being without heat is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous as well. The reasons behind your boiler system not working could be a simple answer, but your best bet would be to call a professional to inspect every part.

If you’re experiencing no heat and no hot water associated with your boiler system, chances are there is something broken. The broken part may be a valves or airlocks or it may be something as simple as the water levels in your system. If you’re not feeling heat coming from the radiators, this issue can be simply repaired by an HVAC technician.

If the boiler is noisy enough to interrupt your daily life, this signifies an issue with the system. This particular problem is caused by a mineral build up in the pipes or air. This issue could also be the result of pump failure. If your boiler system is dated, this can be a very common issue. Flushing the system is the best way to handle this problem, but it is recommended that you allow a professional to make the repairs.

Pump problems are prevalent in a boiler system. They can be broken, malfunctioning, or simply not circulating water correctly. In any event, the pump is a very important part of the system, and should be examined thoroughly by an HVAC specialist.   When it comes to parts of your boiler, it is always better to be safe, than sorry.

For more information on common heating system issues or ways to prepare your heating system for the winter, be sure to check out our blog page. Our past blogs can provide a plethora of information on a variety of heating systems.

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