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Common Air Conditioning Issues

air conditioningWe’ve all experienced the horror that is the heat and humidity of a Central Pennsylvania day.  As of late, the temperature has been soaring into the high eighties and low nineties, with intense humidity that makes the air feel like walking into a bowl of soup.  However, there is no greater horror than experiencing one of these days and having to contend with a non-working air conditioning system, as well. 

While, ideally, your air conditioner will work on the hottest days of the summer, sometimes things happen.  If you’re not keeping up with the required maintenance, things are more likely to go wrong, than if you are having your system serviced by a professional at least twice a year.  Here are the common problems that will make your AC not work to its full capacity, and how they can be remedied:

  • Frozen Coils – This problem is caused by a lack of air flow, thus allowing the coils to freeze up. When this happens, turn the system over to the fan setting, and replace the air filter ASAP.  If this quick fix doesn’t solve the problem, there may be a bigger issue.
  • Leaks – If enough of the refrigerant is allowed to leak out of your system, it’s not going to work. The system itself may kick on, but you’ll notice that the air coming out of the vents is not cold, and your interior temperatures will begin to climb.  The unit will need to be fully inspected for leaks and recharged.  While this is not a terribly complicated process, it should be performed by a professional for best results.
  • Clogs – When the humidity reaches an all-time high or the unit inside the house hasn’t been serviced properly, this can lead to clogs. Not only will this cause the air conditioning to not work as well as it should be, it could also lead to flooring damage due to water not draining properly from the condensate drain.
  • Outside Unit Issues – If the outside unit isn’t functioning properly, it won’t allow the air to work properly on the inside either. The outside unit should be clear of all debris; this includes underneath, on top of, and around the sides.  Debris can cause an obstruction that will cause the unit to shut down.  Turn the system off, and make sure the unit is clear of any foreign objects.  If there is no reason that you can detect as to why it isn’t working, call for maintenance.

If you’ve experienced an air conditioning unit that isn’t working, you know how quickly things can go from bad to worse, but don’t let it get there.  Contact us for all of your service needs!

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