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Classic Homes and Heating Concerns

Heater repair Mechanicsburg PAIt’s happened to a lot of people; that classic home in your town goes up for sale and it’s a steal. While great bones, and beautiful architectural highlights are exciting facets of owning an older home, one of the downsides can be the expense and concerns of heating that home. However, the home can be well worth your time if you follow these tips and tricks.

  1. Outdoor Air Reset Controls – If you’re working with a boiler/radiator system, they water in those pipes has to heat up every single time that the heat comes on. Having this handy little device allows the furnace to sense the outside temperature of the air thus allowing for perfectly heated water when you need it. It saves on the amount of energy is takes to constantly heat and reheat the water.
  2. Go Solar – If you’re willing to consider solar energy, it can do a great deal to help with your heating. Harnessing the power of the sun can be extremely useful for hot water heating systems, as even in indirect light, the solar panels can perfectly heat the water in your pipes in an earth-friendly way.
  3. Sealing – Older houses shift sometimes, and this allows for warm air to escape and for cold air to come inside. Consider having your house weather sealed to prevent unnecessary leaks and keep the warmth inside. Something as simple as an electrical outlet can be leeching heat from your rooms.
  4. Geothermal – It is possible to install a new and efficient heating system without damaging the structure of your classic home. Geothermal heating allows for heat to be pulled from the ground in order to push the heat through to your home. While this type of system is a considerable initial investment, many people find that geothermal heating saves money in the long run.
  5. Re-Insulate – Older insulation is less thick than newer insulation, so hiring someone to re-insulate your home will stop the heated air from leaking to the outside. Poor insulation can allow the winter months to invade your home, and have blown-in insulation installed can stop that loss of heat.
  6. Windows – Are your windows sub-par? If you’re living in an older house, chances are the windows remained the same to keep the integrity of the structure. Fortunately, they’re doing great things with windows and replacing the windows of your house can tremendously affect the amount of power that is being lost from your home.

Any of these options can be entirely helpful in heating your older home, but if you find you’re still in the market for a newer heating system, contact us. For a limited time we are offering 0% financing on qualified units.



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