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Category Archives: Water Heating

How to Tell If You Need a New Water Heater

If your heat isn’t working as efficiently, you may not notice it right away.  However, if your water heater stops working the same way it used to, it’s noticeable almost immediately.   Certainly, there are problems with the actual unit that you should be noticing, but there’s nothing that can ruin your day more than stepping […]

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Protect Your Home From Leaks

With the amount of rain that has been falling in the mid-state lately, we’re finely attuned to the possibility of leaks.  When we’re home we can closely monitor whether or not that rain is coming inside our homes, but sometimes leaks are a bit more sinister than your common roof or basement leak.  Plus, let’s […]

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Hybrid Water Heaters

With spring in full force here in the midstate, many homeowners are bringing in the new and getting rid of the old.  With spring cleaning, we mop, sweep, and dust away all of the evidence of winter as we welcome the new season.  Spring is also a perfect time to have your old appliances serviced […]

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Caring for Your Water Heater

The water heater is often the unsung hero of the house, as it is usually unseen and hidden in the recesses of the basement.  However, the water heater is responsible for your laundry, your warm showers, and how your dishes get done on a nightly basis.  Okay, so maybe we’re not so thankful for the […]

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Top Five HVAC Tips for Fall

As it’s been cooler during the evening hours, all Pennsylvanian’s know that fall has begun its approach.  In this state, we look forward to the beauty of autumn leaves, the crisp smell of fall in the air, and all the fun festivals.  As homeowners, we begin to make efforts to prepare our homes for fall […]

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