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Signs You Need a Water Softener

In this cold and wet weather, there is no better feeling than standing under the vigorous and heated spray of your shower.  Getting a shower should be a relaxing and cleansing experience, and in most houses it is.  However, if you’ve been noticing some things that are making it less of a pleasure and more […]

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Protect Your Home From Leaks

With the amount of rain that has been falling in the mid-state lately, we’re finely attuned to the possibility of leaks.  When we’re home we can closely monitor whether or not that rain is coming inside our homes, but sometimes leaks are a bit more sinister than your common roof or basement leak.  Plus, let’s […]

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Do You Need a Water Softener?

There are a lot of problems with your appliances that can crop up out of the blue.  As homeowners, it is necessary to take care of those problems as soon as they come up, if you can.  Dealing with these kind of issues often requires first diagnosing what caused the problem in the first place.  […]

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5 Ways to Conserve Water…and Your Wallet

While water conservation hasn’t been a concern of ours in Central Pennsylvania as of late, the dog days of summer are on their way, and with that comes the crispy, crunchy grass associated with blazing heat.  Surely, we had enough rain in April and May that we can’t imagine the idea of having to adhere […]

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Backflow Testing and Repair

We’ve all seen the news reports about contaminated drinking water, and the horrifying stories associated with these reports. Serious health risks can accompany the presence of unpotable water, thus causing illness and prolonged complications to those who come into contact with it. Contaminated drinking water is not just a problem in underdeveloped countries, as we […]

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