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Category Archives: Air Ducts

Facts About Duct Cleaning

If a doctor told you there was something you needed to do in order to improve the function of your body, nine times out of ten you would probably do it.  Obviously, there are some people out there who would ignore the doc’s advice and continue living the way they had been.  So, why is […]

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The Importance of Duct Cleaning

In Pennsylvania, we have two serious allergy seasons. The first is, of course, the spring. The new growth outside allows for an influx of pollen to invade our homes. The second, less obviously, is the fall. When the leaves start to turn, the weather gets damp and allergens start to make their way into our […]

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Air Duct Balancing

Where is the cold room in your house? Right now, you’re thinking about it because of the inevitability of there being a room in your home that just isn’t as warm in the winter or as cool in the summer. Are you bundling up in one room and roasting in another? Most people chalk this […]

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