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Amana Furnaces: Don’t Be Left Out In the Cold

Furnace replacement heating companyWith the polar freeze, snow showers, and now freezing fog, winter can be a brutal season.  Are you feeling the wrath of winter inside your home?  Is your furnace functional, but costing you a boatload of money to run?  It may be time to think about a replacement!

Amana has been a household name since the 1930’s.  Their dedication to good products and stellar customer service has built a solid and positive reputation.  They are one of the leaders in energy efficiency, thus contributing to a rapid decline in heating costs for homeowners who have Amana furnaces.

Amana has gas furnaces available in both standard and high efficiency models.  The best furnaces in their high efficiency line are touted as “The Last Furnace You’ll Ever Buy.”  One particular furnace has a rating of 96% which means that for every dollar you spend on energy, 96 cents of that dollar goes toward heating your home. 

By far, the biggest selling point of the Amana furnace is the warranty.  Amana offers a lifetime warranty on their furnaces, should the heat exchanger malfunction or break entirely, they will replace the unit completely.  Coupled with a 10 year limited warranty on parts, Amana makes every effort to ensure your furnace purchase really lasts.

The heat exchanger lifetime warranty truly displays Amana’s pride in their patented Million-Air system.  The Million-Air system blends “dual diameter pipe and wrinkle bend technology” ( to ensure that their heat exchangers are going to last. 

Another exceptional feature of Amana furnaces is the self diagnostic tools which give you a heads up that something may be dysfunctional.  This allows you to contact your HVAC specialist to rectify the problem as soon as possible without having to worry about going days without heat.

Overall, the Amana furnaces offered run quieter and more energy efficient than your standard or older furnaces.  This means reductions to energy bills with very little disturbance to your everyday life from furnace noise.  A good reputation and the offered warranties ensure peace of mind when making a major purchase for your home.

Should you be interested in replacing an older furnace with a new Amana unit, please contact A.C. Rimmer today!


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