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All About Air Conditioning Units

air conditioner Mechanicsburg PAIt’s that time again; the mercury is beginning to creep toward the upper numbers in our outdoor thermometers.  It’s almost officially summer, and with the heat weighing heavily on the minds of many homeowners, it may be time to consider an alternative to old fashioned and inefficient window unit air conditioners.  We offer a number of options for cooling your home, and each comes with our careful and conscientious installation.

If you’re living in a house that isn’t an optimal candidate to have ductwork installed, the LG Art Cool offers an alternative.  These units are designed for single room placement and offer maximum cooling without the need for expensive and extensive ductwork installation.  Each unit is made to blend into a room without the unattractive outdoor presence of a traditional air conditioner window unit.  Often available in higher BTUs than window units, the LG Art Cool is made for the discerning homeowner.

Many people that have purchased the LG Art Cool units for their home or office can’t say enough good things about these units.  They are constructed to run at an optimum SEER level, making them quite energy efficient, which means they won’t have you digging into your wallet to run them every day.  They also run quietly, effectively cooling the home with little interruption of your daily life.  Say goodbye to window units, and hello to cooling comfort provided by the LG Art Cool.

For homeowners who are ready and willing to make the commitment of having new ductwork put into their home or simply replacing an old air conditioning unit, we offer the Carrier Infinity 19 model.  This unit combines heating and cooling features by way of an attractive and unobtrusive unit placed outside the home.  Proper placement of this unit is important as it will maximize the energy efficiency. 

For those that are energy conscious, the Carrier Infinity offers a SEER rating of 19, thus making it an extremely efficient unit.  The unit also runs on Puron, which is known to be better for the environment and has shown no signs of depleting the ozone layer.  The unit will also hold up to outdoor deployment, as it is constructed to withstand cruel winters and sweltering summers.  A nearly soundless cooling and heating device, the Carrier Infinity 19 would make a perfect addition to your home this summer.

We offer a multitude of cooling services, and are well equipped to answer your questions and effectively install any of the products we offer.  Contact us today for more information regarding our 0% financing options on select models.


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