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Air Conditioning Tips

HVAC Central PAHousehold budgeting is typically one of the most important things that keep your home running smoothly.  The summer months can get pricy when it comes to keeping your house cool when it’s sweltering outside.  There are ways to keep your air conditioning system as efficient as possible in order to keep electric bills lower and maximize your cool air.

  1. If your air conditioning system freezes up, make sure to shut it down as soon as you notice.  Switch the setting to fan to allow the system time to thaw out so you don’t do undo harm to your unit.
  2. Plant shrubs and trees around your outdoor AC unit to shade it.  The hotter it gets, the harder the unit has to work.  Proper shade can allow for 10% more effectiveness.
  3. Turn your air to highest setting that still provides comfort.  Most people set their thermostat at 70 to maintain a comfortable temperature inside their homes and keep their bills lower.
  4. Consider swapping out your light bulbs.  Some light bulbs throw off a great deal of heat with their light.  Something as simple as swapping out your light bulbs can assist in lowering the internal temperature of your home so your AC doesn’t have to work as hard.
  5. Consider a programmable thermostat.  Being able to set your thermostat to run at a higher temperature during the day while you’re at work can save you a tremendous amount of money.  If you keep your setting at 70 when you’re at home, try keeping it at 76 during working hours.

Any of these tips will help not only to keep your AC unit in top working order, but also help to lower bills and keep your family budget on track.

If you are looking to make the switch to central air or simply to update your system, contact us!  We are ready and waiting to help!

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