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Air Conditioning Options

There are different options for every system in your home.   Stores don’t have simply one stove, refrigerator, or washing machine to choose from.  You choose appliances based on your needs, and air conditioning systems are no different.

Adding central air conditioning to a home that doesn’t currently have the option can be an extensive process.  If you choose to add air to your home but don’t want to change the infrastructure of the home by adding ductwork that doesn’t presently exist, there are options for you.

HVAC Central PASingle zone air conditioning systems allow for air conditioning without adding ductwork to your home.  This system allows a more energy efficient option that traditional window units and can often provide relief from the heat for even large spaces.  This system is also an option for additions to your home.  If you’ve recently added to your house, but didn’t add the ducts to carry your central air into the addition, a single zone unit can provide the comfort of central air without the hassle.

There is also the traditional unit that you see for central air in many homes.  Installation of HVAC Central PAthese units will require ductwork, but provide cooling via these ducts to your entire home.  Central air is a vastly superior alternative to window units in terms of eco-friendliness and cost efficiency.  While most window units do not allow for the system to shut down when it reaches a certain temperature, central air provides that option.

Certain units will also provide more earth friendly alternatives than traditional central cooling units.  Using Puron vs. Freon, these units will cool your home without depleting the ozone layer.

For assistance with installing either one of these options, please contact us!

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