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Air Conditioning Maximization Tips

air conditioner Mechanicsburg PAIn our past couple of blogs, we’ve emphasized our strengths with installing new air conditioning units in your home, achieving balance with your thermostat, and a checklist of items to remember before turning your unit on for the season.  We’re continuing our air conditioning education series now by offering some tricks and tips on maximizing the cool in your home.

We’ve all had that day; it’s sweltering outside and our home just doesn’t seem to be getting as cool as it could be.  There is little more frustrating than not be able to fully cool off when that is what we’re expecting.  There are a few tricks to truly getting the most out of your air conditioning system.  A few simple tips can save homeowners from sweating it out this summer.

Ceiling Fans – It may sound simple, but most of the time that a central air unit isn’t working efficiently is because it is overworked.  Ceiling fans take some of the heat off the unit and cool the air in your home considerably, allowing the air conditioning to work less and thus optimize the temperature of your house.

Keep it Clean – Ridding the exterior unit of leaves and debris can assist in the cooling efforts tremendously.  Exterior dirt can block the flow of air through the outdoor unit, and this limits the power of the air being pushed through your vents.

Dehumidify – Yes, the air conditioning unit will be pushing non-humid air throughout your house, but if the air is being pushed into a humid environment, it will be little relief.  If the humidity level in your home is off the charts, check into purchasing a dehumidifier. 

Keep the Shades Drawn – If it is a particularly hot day outside, sunlight streaming through open curtains and windows is going to heat the interior of your house in a major way.  Avoid this extra temperature bump by closing the blinds during the day.  With this simple solution, your air conditioning unit is no longer working at maximum capacity all day long, thus lowering your bills and keeping it cooler.

Filters – We can’t stress enough the importance of routine filter changes.  If your system seems to be running less cold than usual, check and replace the filter.  A dirty filter has a huge impact on how well the air conditioning is able to function, and that translates to a warmer interior temperature. 

The importance of regular maintenance and service can’t be underestimated either, and we can help with all of your service related needs.  Should you be ready to upgrade your system, we’re offering 0% financing on select units for a limited time.  Check out our website for more details.

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