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A Remote Control for Your Thermostat

Ever gotten to the office in the winter to find subzero temperatures and had to work in your coat? Or how about getting home to sweltering rooms in the summer?

Enter the Internet-controlled thermostat.

Wherever you have an Internet connection, you have control over your thermostat. Not only can you turn it on or off, you also can change its programming. So you can pre-set your thermostat to stay at comfortable temperatures while your home and not-so-comfortable temperatures when you’re not to save on energy and, likewise, your bill.

Plus, you can shut off a home or building HVAC system if you forgot to do it before leaving, tell the thermostat to hold off on cooling or heating your house because you’re working late, monitor the temperature when the HVAC fails or someone else changes the programming and use your Web-enabled devices as remote controls instead of physically walking over to the thermostat.