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5 Ways to Conserve Water…and Your Wallet

ways to conserve waterWhile water conservation hasn’t been a concern of ours in Central Pennsylvania as of late, the dog days of summer are on their way, and with that comes the crispy, crunchy grass associated with blazing heat.  Surely, we had enough rain in April and May that we can’t imagine the idea of having to adhere to strict guidelines about saving water.  However, the hottest days of summer are upon us, and the availability of water may become an issue.

  1. Time Your Showers – This will not only save water, but your water bill expense as well. Keep a close eye on how long each member of your family is showering and set an allowable time that is both fair and reasonable.  You’ll be surprised how much more efficient you’ll feel when you shower on a schedule.
  2. Full Loads Only – In terms of your washer, dryer, and dishwasher, don’t waste your water or their energy. Run only full loads through these appliances to maximize their efficiency.  Some units will even have a water saver cycle, but if they don’t, use the shortest cycle possible.
  3. Every Three Days – Instead of getting out there and watering your lawn on a daily basis, dial it back to every three days. Your lawn doesn’t need as much water as you think it does, and you’ll save yourself the time and effort in the process.  By watering during the coolest part of the day, you’re losing less to evaporation than if you’re watering during the highest temperatures.
  4. Check for Leaks – A leak from a toilet or a faucet can drive up the price of your water bill, and have a significant effect on your conservation efforts. While checking the toilets for leaking or constant running, install a low flow switch and save even more!
  5. Turn it Off – A lot of us have gotten into the habit of allowing the water to run while we’re brushing our teeth, probably because we’re unaware of the tremendous amount of water we’re wasting. It’s better to use the water in short bursts than to constant have it running.  Do the same with your shaving habits, or even your dishwashing habits.  Turn the water on, fill the sink, shut it off, and turn it back on to rinse.

These habits are just a handful of ideas that can help conserve your water.  If you’re experiencing plumbing issues that are affecting your bottom line, contact us today!

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